Podcast Interview with InCG Media

General / 26 February 2022

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share something that happened last year. I was being invited to the podcast <CG 鬧什麼 : Now What>  by InCG Media.

In this podcast, I'll share my little story & journey and how I improve my creative abilities and learning skills as a new generation artist in the CG industry.

All conversations in this podcast will be in Mandarin.

Here is the several platforms link for this podcast:

InCG Media (映CG 媒體) is a platform for creating ideas and technology sharing from Taiwan.
They are focusing on producing "animation," "visual effects," "games," and "interior & architecture" industry information.
But all the content in it is mainly in Chinese.
If you are a Chinese reader and interested to know more about the CG industry, be sure to check it out!

I am very honored and thanks to INCG for giving me such an opportunity to do a sharing, and I hope you will like it.